Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday

6:00AM – 8:00PM


The University Club was founded to foster community and culture. Like the mighty oak trees for which our neighborhood was named, The University Club’s roots run deep in providing our members and their guests with a place to convene, socialize, and foster the strong values and mission of the University of Pittsburgh. We take pride in offering curated programs that entertain, enlighten, and bring value to our members’ daily routines.


Socialize after work during happy hour at the College Room, revel in the breathtaking beauty of the Pitt skyline from the Rooftop Terrace, or escape to the serene solitude of The Library to develop the next contribution in the field of research, education, and innovation. The University Club is not just a building, it’s the lasting memories and lifelong friendships you discover as you take your place in our vibrant membership community of doers, thinkers, and change makers.


This is where your journey begins. This is where you belong.


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